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Driving under the influence is a major problem in society today and it can refer to alcohol or drug intoxication. Young people often tend to sit behind the wheel in this condition and drive themselves or someone else, and it often doesn’t have a happy ending, research said that about every 50 minutes in America someone is killed by a drunk man behind the wheel, not to mention that you can do this to yourselves and your loved ones. So think before you get in your car drunk and change your life completely. For these reasons countries created laws that sanction this kind of behavior and stipulate hefty fines. If you are a driver in USA and you have less than twenty one year, you should know that this county has a No Tolerance policy which requires punishing everyone who has alcohol in their blood system. The consequences you can suffer if caught behind the wheel are expensive fines, loss of your driving license and jail even.

We already mentioned how every 50 minutes one person is dead in America due to this problem, but the number of injured people in this kind of car accidents is even higher. Every 120 seconds one person is injured due to drunk driving. Only in 2012, approximately ten thousand persons were killed in this kind of accidents.

These numbers are surely horrifying but knowing that persons that had their driver licenses revoked often neglect this punishment and continue to drive their vehicle without license and again in the same condition. This illegal driving can be expressed by percents and it says that nearly eighty percent of the drivers who had their driving licenses revoked, continue to drive without it.

In 2010, driving while intoxicated claimed more than 9 thousand victim’s lives. The victims of car accidents are mostly teenagers and every third teenager death is caused by a drunken or drugged driver that participated in the traffic accident. When you want to have fun and drink alcohol, think about all these facts and ask yourselves if driving drunk is worth the risk it could take, call a cab or go on foot, it is cheaper than to defend yourself try this link.