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Driving while intoxicated, which may be done in two ways, by drinking alcohol or by using drugs, prescribed or not, is a major problem in the World today. Every third traffic accident is supposedly caused by a drunk or drugged driver. Even though they all do not necessary have horrific outcome, they can end that way. Drunk driver won’t be caught driving in that condition first eighty times on average, but this does not mean that when you first sit behind your wheel in that condition you won’t be caught.

Number of injuries and deaths that are the consequence of driving while intoxicated is enormous and that is why this problem is strictly regulated by law. If you have any questions regarding this law, it is best to contact the click here.

You should know that when you are drinking, alcohol intake in your organism dilutes in water your body contains, this means that the most vulnerable to the influence of alcohol are all the vital organs that are mostly made of water such as brain. And if your brain is especially vulnerable this means that you probably won’t be able to control your vehicle normally.

BAC or Blood Alcohol Content that is required by law, for you to be considered drunk is 0.08 grams per deciliter, apart from that, if your BAC level is for example 0.02%, this means you cannot be arrested for driving while intoxicated, even though researches showed that this level may affect your driving ability and slow reflexes down, BAC level of 0.05% may increase the chances of a crash or a traffic accident significantly, at the level of 0.08 this probability is almost certain.

Half of the Traffic accidents caused by driving under the influence of alcohol happened because BAC level in driver organism was at least twice more than a legal limit for arrest, half of this drunk driver had blood alcohol content level of about 0.16%, all of this accidents had death outcomes. Other than their alcohol level, these drivers violated several other rules, not wearing their safety belts is first on the list. And the drivers which had their licenses revoked due to this offense often start driving their vehicles again illegaly.